I didn’t want to see the world, but to feel it – Puebla, Mex, April 19

For the ones who have never heard of it, this colonial city is in Mexico’s center at around 2300m above the sea level and it is close to an active volcano called Popocatépetl. For Germans and or automotive freaks, yes, VW has a plant there.I left this city around 22 years ago. I didn’t know […]

Such is Paradise

I woke up again very early. Who cares what time it was. I took the huge papaya I bought the day before for not more than 2 Euro, had a small breakfast and closed the door behind me wearing my sport clothes. I crossed the main street and headed to the beach. Straight ahead and […]

Back to the roots – Puebla, Mex., May 2019

LAlthough it is strange, I stick to the plan of not having a plan. This time, I do not really feel like seeing all the new places in the city and making a huge tour through the country. Anyhow, it would be sad to do it by myself. I just want to be here, like […]

On the way to my paradise – Frankfurt am Main 3.4.19

It’s been a while since I’ve been home. Or to one of my homes, to be specific.This time it is different. I look forward to staying a little bit longer. The usual two to three weeks are never enough to visit family, friends, travel around and relax.But to finally be home, there are usually some […]