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... a home to people with wings to conquer other countries, power to throw new seeds and heart to put down roots. This site is about creating success working abroad. I help you to find your way through your new environement.
Yamel Lima Baquero
Consultant, trainer & Coach

Being raised in Mexico in a bilingual environment, hosting US-American teachers and traveling to Europe at the age of fifteen, developed my passion to learn languages, meet other cultures and travel.

I achieved a scholarship in Canada and upon graduation as industrial engineer, came to Germany to learn the language and culture.

Accomplishing my professional goals, and having found my partner, lead me to adopt Germany as my second home and German as my third language. I know and love this country like my own.

Being a foreign, female engineer and manager in the German culture and automotive industry  enables me to walk you through this path.

I am passionate to pass on my knowledge to crossborder individuals and to support German companies to discover the huge potential of international professionals.

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