On the way to my paradise – Frankfurt am Main 3.4.19

It’s been a while since I’ve been home. Or to one of my homes, to be specific.
This time it is different. I look forward to staying a little bit longer. The usual two to three weeks are never enough to visit family, friends, travel around and relax.
But to finally be home, there are usually some “small” hurdles.
I promised myself to avoid flying through our Mexican northern neighbor, but facing the flight price level, I just couldn’t help it. I did it again, although I do not really like to pay to give up my rights. What one does to see the family…
Starting this procedure is very exciting, as for some reason, I did not get any answer from our northern neighbors until days later. Great! No confirmation: no flight, no reimbursement.
Having everything done, it was time to check in on-line. What? Is that not possible for me? Fantastic! Why? Well, there is no explanation to be found on the airline site. Only a polite announcement for me to check in at the airport’s counter.

Again, a very exciting morning on the way to Frankfurt. Will I get a boarding card or not?… Will I be able to fly or not..?
Just being there, I was told to print my boarding card at the machine. Why shouldn’t I be able to do it on-line? It sounds strange to everyone.

However, it was very early, so I decided to window shop a little and then walk through the passport check.
“Were you made aware of the meaning of the 4 S on your boarding card?”
„No, I am not aware of the meaning”
“Ok, leave me your passport and boarding pass and wait here. Someone will pick you up”

I waited very close to the lady because leaving my passport somewhere has always made me nervous. Twenty minutes later an english speaking gentleman picked us all six people up and took us to the German border police, who reviewed our passports.

The German officer took my passport and within ten seconds he gave it back to me. Strange… although perfect because no questions were asked.
The airport personnel said you would be stopped randomly.
I did ask the German police why I was stopped.
He said: “well, e.g. were you in an Arab country or in Turkey the last ten years?” Was that really the reason? So it is not really random…?

After that, we were taken to this security check where my bag was emptied completely. My laptop was analyzed, I went through this x-ray machine and I had to take out my shoes and was “tasten”…

So how will be the security check in the US?
Very exciting…

We landed in Houston after a relaxing flight. I met a nice lady who, being physiotherapist, was inspired by a patient and became stewardess. That reminded me as a child wishing to be a pilot…

It took forever at the passport control. But I was delighted not having to ask any questions. Fiuuu!
There is always a first time.
Welcome to my transit home.