Life in paradise – 6.4.19

I woke up again very early. Who cares what time it was. I took the huge papaya I bought the day before for not more than 2 Euro, had a small breakfast and closed the door behind me wearing my sport clothes.

I crossed the main street and headed to the beach. Straight ahead and then left. The street is really wide and it broke once into the jungle.
These four Km feel like ten at this felt temperature.
This time the several paths with access to the beach are closed.
It was taking me too long, so I tried a hidden one. It was steep scary but I finally climbed to a rocky place with a great view over the sea. In Tulum the the sun does not rise above the water. I can see the pyramid from here.
My face is red and my pores are open.
I was sweating all out of me. I made a selfie to share it later with my family and walked back to the street. It was beautiful but dangerous to swim there.
I continued jogging for a while until I found the first official access.
The very first moment I saw the almost white sand I took off my shoes. The sand here is never got.

I was tired, but still, I jumped into the water despite the barrier of sea wheat laying along the beach.
It feels a bit rough when you get to swim close to it. But the water is clear and the water has the perfect temperature to refresh. I can observe the pelicans while being in the water. They fly from one end of the beach to the other chasing their food.
It is not yet 9 AM. I need my towel to dry up… so I just sat down and relaxed observing the waves moving back and forth and listening to their rattle against the sand.

I felt sorry for the people trying to dig the sea wheat away. I wish the reason for this could be attacked instead of only fighting its symptom. Anyhow, this beach is one of the most beautiful from all of the ones I have ever visited. It really feels like paradise and if the cars wouldn’t make such noise, I could permanently observe these amazing blue birds flying around.

It is still early and the heat intense. The shade on the side of the pedestrian path is almost gone. I take the risk and jog on the the other side, otherwise I won’t make it to the Casita. I will of course come back but next time with the bike and stay at the beach for the day but certainly with something to eat, drink, read and swim.
Let’s see what else the day will bring.